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A daring billionaire. An unseen adversary. One risky venture. Can he save his fortune and get the girl?

This clean romantic suspense can be read as a stand alone book


In a world where wealth has no bounds, six billionaires have it all…until one unforgettable birthday bash changes everything. Enter the enigmatic Mr. Smith, a figure shrouded in mystery, who holds their fates and money in the palm of his hand.

Serious and stoic Chase Young, the first chosen by Smith, is stripped of his billionaire status, and in a blink of an eye, he is transformed from tycoon to humble pilot for a struggling airline. Suddenly, his vast wealth is worthless, and he’s thrust into a world where money can’t mend the impending catastrophe.

Tasked with unearthing the airline’s deep troubles, Chase plunges into his high-stakes undercover mission. He never expects to encounter Grace Edison, the vivacious daughter of the airline’s owner, whose passion and determination instantly ignite a spark within him. While undercover, Chase cannot tell Grace the truth or who he really is. In a thrilling race against time, Chase will have to prove that love and determination can conquer even the most daunting odds. Will he emerge victorious in both love and salvaging the airline or will his secrets threaten to shatter the fragile world he’s built?

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