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From the bestselling author of the Young Adult novel “Away From Here” comes the 1st in a 5 book series that follows the adventures of five NYPD detectives. Filled with action, suspense, true crime, and love stories, the New York City’s Finest series will take you on a roller coaster ride (sometimes literally) through the five boroughs of the city.

In Calem, the first of the New York’s Finest series from contemporary romance author Christopher Harlan, a renowned psychologist and an embattled NYPD detective join forces to end the city’s reign of terror, finding salvation in each other in the process.


Dr. Cordelia Summers is a brilliant psychologist. Well respected among her peers and patients alike, she lives only to help others with their problems. While consulting with her colleague on a case, she realizes that her feelings towards him are more than just friendly.

Enter Detective Calem Walters: brave, intelligent, and a reluctant hero, he’s the best the NYPD has to offer. He’s worked some of the city’s most dangerous cases and his latest may be the worst. His self-sacrificing nature calls him to duty, but he’s struggling with the stress of a failed relationship, and the burden of a long chase with one of the worst criminals of his storied career. Can Cordelia help unburden him and help him catch the man who holds the city in his grasp?

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