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The war was finally over. No one had actually won; it had simply stopped when the woman who had surfed a tsunami of blood across the Systems was swamped by an even bigger wave of blood created by those who opposed her. She had made a desperate dash to the place where her doomsday weapon was held only to die on the threshold. Everyone was so exhausted from the conflict they simply stopped when she was no longer leading the charge.

There were no winners, no triumph, there were clear losers. The bottle born had lost long before the war and continued to lose long after the fighting had stopped. They had lost their freedom, then their energy and finally their natural physical bodies. Developed in vast farms, harvested for their inherent energy, they were the most important and valuable commodity in the Inhabited Systems situated on the fringes of deep space. Finally, they were realising their own strength and were ready to get off their knees.

A war that is not lost nor won never ends, it just moves to the shadows and continues without the flash and clash of military battles. Those who had not lost developed new plans that would finally bring them victory. They knew what others had forgotten; to the victor goes the spoils of war. The time to leave the shadows and stand in the blazing light of final, absolute victory had arrived.


Artificial life form, Shakbout Mansard just wanted a quiet, ordinary life with his family. As one of the selected few of the Bottle Born who live as free citizens, this was a reasonable ambition.

Unfortunately, Shakbout has dangerous knowledge of a plot to overthrow the government of Mengchi, making him a target for both the plotters and the security forces. At the same time the most dangerous bottle born terrorist in the systems wants Shakbout to commit a crime that will ignite a secret systems-wide war between factions of the Natural and the Bottle Born.

But even these problems are small compared to the secret that Shakbout has been hiding for a decade. Soon, he will have to take desperate measures to save those he loves… and the lives of all free bottle born lifeforms across the systems.

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