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She’s The Biggest Target

She knows everyone’s secrets—and that knowledge makes her dangerous to someone’s plans…

Agent Jasmine Len is more than just the assistant to the deputy director of the newly forming PAVAD division of the FBI. No one knows more about the new division of the FBI she and the director were creating. Or knows more than Jasmine does about the agents who will be picked for the new division.

That knowledge makes her the next target of someone with an agenda of his own.


Agent Dakon Royal is fiercely loyal to the deputy director, and he’ll do anything to keep the director—and the director’s beautiful, intriguing, maddening personal assistant—safe from the danger surrounding them.

Jasmine isn’t used to trusting others with her safety—other than the director. Dakon gets beneath her skin in a way she isn’t prepared to fight. She’s not so certain she even wants to resist.

But they can’t act on the fire between them. Not yet.

Not until they stop the threats coming their way and get PAVAD off the ground—before the newest division of the FBI ends before it even begins…

This is a short prequel novella, set just before the events of Waiting.

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