Beyond the Bookclub: We are the Books we must Read by Ruthie Landis

Beyond the Bookclub: We are the Books we must Read by Ruthie Landis

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Open this book and find all you need to create connected, reflective, and growth driven gatherings with friends, family, or community,while developing a deeper, kinder relationship with yourself.Many people these days are hungry for community and long for intimacy to balance a digital and impersonal world. They crave face-to-face contact when screen-to-screen is the norm. And it is hard to know how to create that on our own. Friends form book clubs in an effort to achieve this, but many don’t even have the time to read the book. The get-togethers are social and often superficial. There’s nothing wrong with that. Having fun, sharing stories, music, and sports are also part of a balanced life. Yet we live in a society that is divisive and often cruel, cold, and asleep. So this is a call to action. The Universe is begging, no screaming, for us to do our inner work and stop avoiding our shadows and our shame. In these times, we need to exponentially grow more people who are awake, intentional, and emotionally and spiritually healthy. With the help of this book’s short catalyzing essays and illuminating activities, you can gather your tribe and build communities that know and live from compassion, awareness, love, and grace.About the AuthorAward-winning workshop designer, body-centered psychotherapist and coach, writer, teacher, actress, and director, Ruthie Landis has been designing powerful and interactive group experiences for over thirty years. Among the many disciplines she practices, she is a master of the Enneagram, and uses its wisdom in nearly every aspect of her creative, professional, and personal life. She works in constant collaboration with Body, Mind, Heart, Nature, Intuition, and the Creative Force. Her intention is to endow the people of the world with a “backpack” for their life’s journey. This “backpack” is plentiful, filled with a rainbow of resources to navigate and explore.

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