Be Calm Now: a lighter mind

Be Calm Now: a lighter mind

Lighter Mind Subtitle Book

Author: Anthony Peter Hall


Be Calm Now is a guidebook for developing a quieter mind. It shows the way to find calm within chaos.

This is a gem of a book…both readable and accessible…it provides a wealth of information and deceptively simple exercises to add to our coping arsenal; a positive way of helping address the stressors and strains of life and living.

– Dr Chris Lukaris, Senior Hospice Doctor


Simple, step by step instructions provide practical exercises to reduce stress, lower anxiety, and harness inner resources that will help strengthen mental resilience and help you grow in wisdom and compassion.

Be Calm Now brings together knowledge from a wide variety of fields including art psychotherapy, developmental psychology, music therapy, yoga, mindfulness, tai chi and shamanic practices. It distils the essence of these broader traditions into a manageable and digestible format giving the reader practical steps and exercises that can help:

  • Assess your own psychological stage of growth and outline tasks at that stage.
  • Reduce anxiety and fear.
  • Develop creativity and strengthen mental resilience.
  • Sleep well, restore and renew psychological well-being.

Book will be FREE on Sat 18th and Sun 19th January 2020.

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