The Antidote to Conflicts: 17 Effective Techniques to Resolve Your Conflicts and Develop Your Emotional Intelligence

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Have you ever lost a friend over an argument?

Have you ever broken up with your other half after a big fight?

Have you ever felt regretful for what you said during a clash?

This book is for you.

You will learn various fundamental theories and techniques to:

Develop your emotional intelligence.
Tackle your conflicts effectively.
Save your relationships and make them last.
Analyze your discords better.
Manage your emotions.
Feel at peace with yourself.
It is a compilation of 17 techniques illustrated with short stories, examples, anecdotes and step-by-step explanations.

The book is designed to let you open it at any chapter in no specific order. It is simple and concise, and it just works out of the box. It goes to the heart of the matter by focusing on the most important points.

You will get the most out of it by taking action and by trying each technique. It gives you practical ways to manage your emotions and improve your interpersonal communication. This book also has techniques you can use beyond conflicts, in everyday situations, to step up your general reasoning.

This book provides you with the keys to handle people better when you face a conflict. Give it a try.

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