The Adventures of Joseph Martin by Alex Forest

The Adventures of Joseph Martin by Alex Forest

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Joseph Martin is the ultimate anti-hero wrapped in a thief’s body with a big heart to match.Martin is a mischievous, brilliant, and charming guy who steals not only for his own gain, but for the subsequent good of others. The stories in this book are a compilation of situations in which he demonstrates his ability to disguise himself, pull off impressive thefts, cleverly elude the police, solve riddles, and steal whatever catches his attention. Sequential in nature, the stories can be enjoyed as standalone tales too.The readers are plunged into the core of the adventures that focus on the challenges between the thief and his opponent Detective Vernon. The first story is narrated by a man who comes to admire the thief and the following stories deal with his further adventures. The schemes are clever, with several distractions to fool the reader as well as the characters, with insights into Martin’s hi story and development into thief.

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