Aeroplane Childrens Book

A for Aeroplane Childrens Book

Scotty Adventure Learning (A to Z Transport Series 1 of 26)

Author: Rob Bevan

Exciting flying adventure with words beginning with the letter A, let your kid’s imagination take flight.

This children’s story book is about Scotty who loves playing with his toy aeroplane but was too scared to fly in a real aeroplane. Until one day, Scotty flew with Grandad in his bright yellow aeroplane. The flying adventure turned into an action-packed flight. Scotty spotted lots of wildlife and things beginning with the letter A.

This exciting ABC kid’s book is wrapped in an engaging story, vibrant illustrations, glossy images and fun activities to bring alphabet learning and basic vocabulary to life with the lovable character named Scotty.   This A for aeroplane children’s story book is not just an entertaining, exciting children’s bedtime story, it’s also a practical choice for the child’s first flight or visiting the airport for the first time.

Not just a bedtime story for toddlers, the concept is a fun learning experience on aviation and words beginning with the letter A. The A for Airplane has lots of learning features:

  • Photographic images of wildlife and objects.
  • A memory quiz to enhance the children’s alphabet learning and vocabulary.
  • Free downloadable learning activities.
  • Glossy images of different aeroplane types.
  • Fun things to do on an aeroplane.

Enjoy reading the engaging text of A for Aeroplane children’s picture book with bright, beautiful and educational illustrations to encourage little ones to engage directly with the aeroplane story and provide the opportunity to try out new words beginning with the letter A.

Great aeroplane story with a fun learning aspect and perfect platform for practicing words beginning with the letter A.”  – Indie Reader


A for Airplane Picture Book

A for Aeroplane Flying Adventure Childrens Book

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Reader reviews

“My son’s favorite transport book, the illustrations were very engaging and entertaining with a cute character.”

“Cute little book for toddlers and preschoolers interested in aeroplane, one of my kids’ favorite book, especially after our recent flight.”

“My grandson is two and loves the fun plane ride leaning storyline. The illustrations are clear and colorful, easy book to read over and over again.”

“Highly recommend for your little ones before a long aeroplane ride.”

“My 6 year old grandson was delighted with all things about an aeroplane. Reading together over and over again.”

“Great for introducing the airport and all things about aeroplanes, it made him recreate his first trip on an aeroplane and he can spot the different aircraft types.”

“Picked up the soft cover version and the Kindle book for travelling, our boy is totally besotted with everything aeroplanes.  Plus fun learning, spotting the words beginning with the letter A.”

“Within days of reading my daughter was naming all the aeroplane parts (Wing, landing gear, engine…) at the airport. This is a super educational book to prepare a preschooler for an aeroplane trip!”

“This book did a great job describing what happens at the airport and all things about fly.  A fun aircraft story-line with an educational twist on all things about airplanes and words starting with the letter A.  Has what can you do on an aeroplane, my little one was so excited on her first flight, highly recommend”



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