5 Reasons Why Readers Aren’t Buying Your Book
5 Reasons Why Readers Are Not Buying Your Book

5 Reasons Why Readers Aren’t Buying Your Book

moneyThere can be many reasons why readers are not buying your book (or ebook). We decided to highlight and focus on 5 of the more common reasons in order to help authors reach more viewers and stop making these rookie mistakes.

1. You Have A Poor Hook

You have about 7 seconds to hook the viewer into considering your book. It’s similar how you only have 7 seconds to make a good first impression when meeting someone for the first time.

If you’re a reader the first thing you notice is the title and cover art. If the title and cover pass the test then you’re going to read the blurb. Then lastly you’re going to read an except or download a sample.

This is where you hook the reader and where the most value for any author lies. The main focus of course being the title, cover and blurb. I have witnessed countless books fail simply based on a poor blurb alone. Do not let this happen to you.

Every author should make multiple blurbs before finally choosing the best one. Seek help from avid readers, friends and family to make sure you get the blurb with the best ‘hook’. Make sure the book blurb will blow your socks off good. Don’t forget to also include a great excerpt from your book and a downloadable short sample.

2. They Don’t Know About Your Book

E-readers, tablets and smartphones have led to information overload thanks to the sheer number of new books and authors being released daily. Without proper book promotion it will be very difficult for the target audience to find you, but don’t let that hinder your progress. That’s where our author promotion services can boost your readership, checkout PlaneteBooks Advertise Your Book Promotion Deals  to suite your advertising campaign requirements at an affordable price.

As a new author you need to get the word out, get a large number of downloads within a short period of time and get reviews.   All of these things will boost your book up the algorithms and advise to seek several book promotional services, the best comprehensive list of popular book promotion sites is from Kindlepreneur (See link: Kindlepreneur Promote Free Amazon Books).

3. They Are Not Your Reader

Just because you wrote the next LOTR does not mean everyone out there will consider buying your book. They may have read your book blurb and even heard over 100 friends tell them it’s the next best thing since sliced bread, but they still won’t buy it. Whatever the reason, they just aren’t your reader.

This can be for any number of reasons, including the cost of your book ($$) or even the genre. For example, it is a known fact that certain genres sell better than others. If Joe Schmoe writes the world’s best memoir, it’s still not going to sell nearly as well as the memoire Kanye West writes or the next Harry Potter.

Don’t worry about it! You cannot market to every reader on the planet; focus on the readers who are interested.

4. They Do Not Know Your “Brand”

Readers do not simply want an author anymore, they want a brand. Do you want to be the premium Heinz ketchup brand? Or the Joe Schmoe brand selling in Smithy Bob’s store located in his mom’s basement on Elm Street?

Your brand is the relationship you build with the reader. Many readers will make a buying decision on more than just reviews, they want to see the author have a strong online presence as well. Facebook, Twitter, websites, author profiles and blogs all have an impact on how your ‘brand’ will be branded.

An amazing book is a good place to start, but don’t forget the importance of an authentic, personal and thoughtful online presence. Based on our research the number one focus to start with should be updating your author profile. Update your Amazon and other author profiles with as much information and links to social media as possible and remember.. Include a picture! 

5. They Do Not Know If They Will Like It

Reviews, reviews, and more reviews! Reviews are the major key to the heart of many readers looking to make their next purchase. With so many books on the market now thanks to the invention of e-books, it has gotten incredibly difficult to get the shelf space required to have your book viewed. The amount of space available is small and the ones who get it are the ones who rise up the Amazon algorithms. The hands down single best way to rise up the algorithms is to get more reviews. Many authors estimate the magic number is about 50 reviews to really get noticed.

Reviews can go a long way, as can cover quotes. All reviews are good, whether it be blog sites, book bloggers, book review sites, or reader reviews on buy sites; they are all good (especially Amazon customer reviews).

Promote and market your book properly. Do things like having a special sale or make your book free and do free book promotions. Lastly, do not forget to add your book to the online libraries as well as physical libraries as well.

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