20 Page Blueprint to Get Your Life Under Control by Robert Green

20 Page Blueprint to Get Your Life Under Control by Robert Green

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The life you live now is the result of a long series of decisions. Some of your decisions were made as a result of an incomplete education. Some are the result of preconceived judgments that are intended to save you from the hassle of actually looking at the data and making an informed decision based on actual observations. You are probably living a life that, if you are to be brutally honest, is one or two bad decisions away from some really bad consequences.It’s not always your fault that your decisions were misinformed, or event based on emotion, what feels good now, versus what are the intended and unintended consequences of those decisions. Maybe your decisions happened because you failed to exercise 5% more moral or physical courage. Maybe you just took the easy way on a decision that you should have taken some action on. Sacrifice is hard, sliding is easy.Now you are in debt over your eyes and are afraid to answer your phone, have kids with too many other people, can’t find enough work to feed yourself, let alone all your dependents and your dog. Maybe you have self inflicted health issues or are even facing homelessness. Maybe your life is infiltrated by toxic relationships because you fail to value yourself or your opinion.When you live your life as a series of poor decisions we find ourselves in chaos. However, if we can turn the decision making process into an active process that we own, we can start making a long series of good decisions to improve our sense of control and live with less stress and more clarity.

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