The 15 Laws of Acting by Crispin Alapag

The 15 Laws of Acting by Crispin Alapag

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The 15 Laws of Acting is the ultimate book and guide in your pursuit to become a successful working actor. The book has 15 laws that each will help you to navigate in the world of acting as a business and art. Actor and author Crispin Alapag has been a member of SAG/AFTRA for over 20 years and has been on many major tv shows from Ray Donovan, Criminal Minds, Rush Hour, General Hospital, Big Time In Hollywood, Fl and many more. He has done many national commercials and national modeling campaigns for companies like Sprint, Sears, Chevrolet and Dickies. The 15 Laws of Acting will definitely help any actor to be better and understand the intricacies of this challenging career called acting. Dont miss out on this invaluable tool that you can use to become a better actor and a better person.

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